David Tighe, Owner, Team Co-Head Coach, Staff Education

David has been blessed with a very good gymnastics background both as an athlete, and through the opportunity to coach at nearly all levels and ages from preschool and recreational gymnastics to Division I collegiate gymnastics at Boise State University and Utah State University. Throughout his life, he’s had incredible coaching mentors, including his parents, who have owned a successful gym in Boise, Idaho for more than 40 years. David’s favorite aspect of coaching is seeing and helping to create change in children that leads to growth and success. He feels that John Wooden best defines success with these words: “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming,” and he hopes to help bring that type of success to young people in the Flathead Valley through his work at FGA. David loves God and the beautiful world He has created and enjoys spending time in it. He loves people, kids, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, windsurfing and spending time with his wife, Keeley, and their four dogs.

Keeley Tighe, Owner, Team Director & Co-Head Coach

Keeley’s active childhood included competing in gymnastics, diving, track and field, and dance. After earning her bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Portuguese at the University of New Mexico, she moved to Spain and taught English there for three years. Returning to the States, she came to Montana to visit her family in Kalispell and decided to stay. Along with teaching Spanish at Stillwater Christian High School, she started working at Flathead Gymnastics Academy (FGA) as a developmental coach. In 2011, she was given the opportunity to buy the gym! Her favorite part of owning FGA is the continuous challenges and opportunities that teaching presents.  She enjoys interacting with students and finding new ways to help them realize their strengths and encourage them to embrace the detailed effort necessary to grow and develop within the sport and life itself.  She also enjoys focusing on creating a strong support system for athletes at FGA comprised of student, parent, and coach relationships working in unison for the benefit and success of each athlete.  She loves seeing each gymnast progress in their own ways and at their own pace. As an owner and head coach, she challenges herself and her staff to continue to educate themselves in the sport of gymnastics so that FGA is able to provide the best instruction and education for all participating athletes. Outside of the gym, Keeley enjoys time with family, traveling, hiking and camping, snowboarding, and spending time with her husband, David, and their dogs Kohna, Lucy, Shimba, and Tatanka.

Emily Buck, Front Desk Staff

Emily started working at Flathead Gymnastics Academy in February 2016. She enjoys the positive environment at the gym and interacting with families at the front desk.  As front desk manager, she strives to be organized, efficient, and communicate effectively to help create a positive, smooth experience for families as their children participate in FGA’s classes and team program. Emily graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Tufts University and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Walla Walla University. 

Greer Baines, Front Desk Staff, Team Conditioning Coach & Developmental Gymnastics Coach

Bekah Hoback, Developmental & Team Coach, Front Desk Staff

Bekah competed on the team for 3 years with FGA before joining our staff team. She has been working as a team and developmental coach since May of 2013. She has continued, since the beginning her coaching journey, to be excited about her growth, education and development as a coach in the sport of gymnastics! Her favorite thing about working at FGA is seeing and helping the gymnasts overcome fears and accomplish things that they never knew were possible. In the little time she isn't in the gym, Bekah enjoys traveling and adventure, free-running, music, and training in martial arts.

Daniel Lowney, Team Strength and Conditioning Coach

While attending the University of New Mexico on a football scholarship, Daniel earned a degree in exercise physiology. He has a passion for understanding the human body- which spurred him to continue to educate himself by earning further certifications in Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Nutrition, and life coaching. In addition to his personal training business (Body Balance Fitness for life), and his photography business- Daniel Lowney Photography, he enjoys coaching Strength and Conditioning with FGA's Team Program.  Having worked with a variety of athletes, gymnasts continue to amaze him! He has great respect for the commitment and discipline required of them to achieve their ever changing goals, and loves that he is able to contribute to their success.  Daniel is also an avid outdoorsman- He loves fishing, backpacking, hiking, hunting, camping, and exploring the Montana wilderness.

Jelani Morgan, Team, Developmental & Extreme Gymnastics Coach

Jelani began Extreme Gymnastics when he was 16 and has been coaching the class at FGA since 2014. Jelani coaches developmental gymnastics classes, Extreme Ninja classes, and compulsory Team groups.  He loves being able to help kids realize their capabilities- which are often far beyond what they think! Aside from practicing his own free running and gymnastics, Jelani continues to educate himself further in both gymnastics and extreme, acquiring new certifications in both. Jelani’s hobbies include martial arts and traveling.

Connor Johnson, Team, Developmental, & Extreme Gymnastics Coach

Extreme Gymnastics is Connor’s passion. His favorite thing about the sport is the aspect of individual expression-which allows everyone to illustrate their own style. His goal is to become a professional free runner. Connor is attending classes at FVCC, and hopes to earn his degree in architecture. He plays trumpet and piano and enjoys sketching, drawing, and painting.

Maria Bartel, Developmental Coach

Maria has been working at FGA since 2017. She is one of 9 children, and her house often feels like a party, but she wouldn’t have it any other way! Her favorite part about coaching is interacting with so many unique and amazing people. She is thankful for all of the challenges that both gymnastics and extreme have brought into her life! Outside of the gym she enjoys snowboarding, dance, and really, almost any sport.

Emily Gunlikson, Developmental Coach/Former FGA Team Athlete

Emily “Gunner” Gunlikson has been a part of FGA since she was 8 years old. She celebrated numerous successes as a competitive gymnast, before choosing to make the transition to coaching. Her favorite part of coaching is being able to have an impact on a child's life. Emily also participated on the Whitefish High School Track team all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  Emily just completed her Freshman year at MSU.  She loves the outdoors and enjoys hanging out with her family.

Brynlie Johnson, Developmental Gymnastics Coach

Melanie Ruth, Developmental Coach

Dana Pecora, Developmental Coach & Front Desk Staff

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