Newfound Learning Preschool

A movement-based bilingual preschool at Flathead Gymnastics Academy

Newfound Learning at Flathead Gymnastics Academy combines
movement, play, and academic exploration in both English and Spanish. 

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Academic and Play-Based Curriculum

Newfound Learning Preschool uses The Creative Curriculum which focuses on learning through exploration and discovery. The Creative Curriculum is supported by research which focuses on educating the whole child, including developing social-emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, math, science and technology, social studies, and art skills.


In this program your preschooler will learn foundational gymnastics skills that promote balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. These attributes can be applied to any sport, but more importantly, we know that children gain more from movement-based classes than movement itself. Kids love movement, and the process of mastering athletic skills mirrors that of mastering academic and life skills. When challenged with trying a cartwheel, walking backward across a balance beam, or pulling themselves up to a bar, preschoolers can begin to understand and develop perseverance, patience, attention to detail, and confidence in their ability to tackle new challenges. Preschoolers develop social and emotional skills as they wait their turn to jump on the trampoline, work as a team to move mats to create their own obstacle course, or follow directions from their coach.


English & Spanish Academic Skills

Our bilingual curriculum uses the interests of the children in our classroom as a launchpad to explore math, science, art, and language. Your preschoolers' fascination with dinosaurs or snowflakes will lead our class on an investigation of the topic, where we read about it together, expand our Spanish and English vocabulary with the words we need to understand it, draw or paint it, learn about its size, shape and number, and enjoy scientific exploration. We strive to answer your preschooler's many questions with joyful learning experiences that will prepare them with the skills they need for kindergarten and life.


At Newfound Learning we believe play is essential to success. Children use play to process what they are learning and experiencing. They act out familiar and unfamiliar scenes, practice the tasks they watch adults do, solve problems, expand their vocabulary and communication skills, and learn to work with others. 

Tuition: $250/month

Ages: 3-5 years (& bathroom independent)

Days/Times: M/W/F      9am - 12pm

Dates: September 8, 2021 - May 27, 2022

Thanksgiving Break: November 24-28, 2021

Winter Break: December 19, 2021  - January 2, 2022

Spring Break: March 21-27, 2022

     Keeley Tighe

Señora Keeley is thrilled to be back in the classroom teaching Spanish with your little ones!  Keeley has her BA in Spanish and Portuguese from the University of New Mexico.  During her time in university, she studied abroad in Argentina as well as Brazil.  After graduating, she spent 3 years in Spain as an Elementary and High School English teacher.  Upon moving back to the States, Keeley taught High School Spanish for 2 years.  She bought FGA in 2011 and has been dedicating her time and energy into teaching the youth of the Flathead Valley through the wonderful sport of gymnastics.  Keeley is passionate about helping students cultivate an interest and passion for language and culture through an immersive learning environment.

Mel Ruth

Miss Mel has a passion for teaching young children. She is pursuing her BA in early childhood education and has extensive experience working with children in academic and athletic contexts. Mel has been a part of FGA for 4 years, coaching children aged 2-12 years old in the wonderful sport of gymnastics. Mel is also an academic tutor working Kindergarten – 2nd graders. Before joining FGA, Mel worked as a certified Learn to Skate USA coach for 3 years. Mel loves watching her students progress and develop their own strengths.

Teacher Spotlight

Child Doing Art Activity
Kids Drawing
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A day at Newfound Learning

9:00am – Arrival and Classroom Play:

  • Put away belongings, wash hands, say hello to friends and play.

9:15am – Morning Gathering:

  • Review classroom rules and expectations, read a story, and play letter and number games together.

9:30am – Gym Time:

  • Warm-up with running, jumping, and stretching, then practice 2 gymnastics events (vault, bars, balance beam, and floor) or a ninja obstacle course with a coach’s instruction.

10:15am – Snack:

  • Eat a healthy snack from home.

10:30am – Classroom Time:

  • September-October: Explore math, science, English language, and art with Miss Mel.

  • November-May: Bilingual education begins with Senora Keeley! Continue exploring topics with Miss Mel and learn the Spanish vocabulary you’ll need to talk with your friends about what you’ve learned about the world around you.

11:30am – Open Gym Play:  

  • Run, jump, climb, and play together in our safe and supervised gym environment.

12:00pm – Departure. See you next time!

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If you would like to reserve a spot for your child at Newfound Learning Preschool, please email your intent to
If you have any questions, please contact our front desk at 752-4000.