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In 2020, Flathead Gymnastics Academy purchased and remodeled our new facility at 1380 US Highway 2 West in Kalispell. FGA’s new gym home is three times larger than our former facility, totaling 22,000 square feet. Within this, 18,000 square feet is dedicated floor and equipment space available for FGA’s classes, open gyms, team practices, and birthday parties. In addition to more floor and equipment space, the current facility offers greater viewing areas for parents and spectators as well as brand new restrooms. FGA’s new parking lot has a convenient drop-off lane for FGA families, and four times more parking spaces than our former location. The current facility also has a much larger lobby and front desk area, which houses FGA’s Proshop where leotards and other merchandise are available for purchase. FGA’s new gym home is located adjacent to Rails to Trails, providing convenient walking and biking access to the gym.


Among the many blessings and benefits to FGA families and staff, the larger facility has provided the opportunity to create dedicated gym spaces for Developmental Gymnastics, Preschool Gymnastics, and Competitive Team Gymnastics. Each gym space has been uniquely designed with the ideal equipment and spatial layout to create the optimal teaching and training environment for each program.


FUNdamental and Extreme Gymnastics Gym Space:

Our FUNdamental and Extreme Gymnastics gym space is where all of our Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Gymnastics and Extreme Ninja classes occur. Within this space, there are two floor areas to facilitate educational learning circuits and obstacle courses. The skills athletes learn on floor are the basis for all disciplines in gymnastics.  Rolling, twisting, jumping, handstands, cartwheeling, and flipping are just some of the basics needed on all events. FGA’s gymnastics floors and specialized mats provide the optimal training environment to learn beginner to advanced gymnastics skills.

Our FUNdamental and Extreme Gymnastics gym space has a 40-foot trampoline system called a tumbltrak and two rectangular trampolines, as well as areas equipped with bars and balance beams. The bar area has six elite kid bars with varying, adjustable heights to support effective bar practice for athletes with different heights and skill levels. The beam area has six balance beams ranging from low to medium height to assure safety and proper progression of beam skills.


For our Extreme Ninja classes, we have a ninja rig as well as obstacle course mats and shapes that stick to the floor with Velcro. These range from slanted ramps to swing-through ninja windows for athletes to learn jumping, hopping, flipping, and maneuvering over obstacles in safe and unique ways. Athletes learn to quickly move from one obstacle to the next, while practicing specific skills, coordination, and body awareness.



Preschool Gymnastics Gym Space:

Our Preschool Gymnastics gym space was designed with the optimal layout and equipment for the developmental ages of Teeny Tumblers (ages 1-3) and Hot Shots (ages 3-4). The Preschool Gymnastics area has floor space for educational learning circuits and obstacle courses, floor balance beams, a 15 foot long trampoline system called a tumbltrak, and preschool bars, as well as mats and other training tools for a safe and fun learning experience. Our Preschool Gymnastics gym space also has a lower ceiling height to aid focus in class, and close proximity to the viewing area for parents of this younger age group.

Team Gymnastics Gym Space:

The Team Gymnastics gym space is uniquely designed with the equipment and training tools to support our competitive team gymnastics programs and higher level skill development. There is a competition spring floor, a 40 foot tumbltrak, and four rectangular trampolines. We also have a 44 foot long rod floor which is used as a tool to progress and develop higher levels of tumbling. The Team Gymnastics gym space has a complete vaulting setup including multiple 80 foot vault runways, multiple spring bards, state of the art vault tables used for flipping and flying over, and many top of the line landing mats for traditional competition landing surfaces. The Team Gymnastics bar area supports beginner to high level competitive athletes and includes three sets of elite uneven bars, two strap bars, two adjustable single rail bars, and a single bar trainer. The Team Gymnastics beam area has adjustable balance beams from low to high beams to aid in proper skill development and progression. The balance beams are recessed in the floor to create a flat, even surface throughout.


As time goes on, we continually strive to make facility improvements and invest in top-of-the-line equipment to create the optimal learning and training environment for students and athletes to have a rewarding experience and reach their fullest potential. We are so thankful to everyone who has partnered with us to make our new gym home a fun, safe, and welcoming environment for children to learn, play, and grow. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the youth in our community and we hope to see you in the gym!

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