Flathead Gymnastics Academy is located in an approximately 7,500 square foot facility. Within this space, 6,000 square feet is dedicated floor and equipment space where over 350 athletes experience all four disciplines of women’s gymnastics along with training tools that make learning these events even more fun and feasible. 



       Athletes learn to run, jump, flip, twist, and fly. To teach these skills, we have multiple trampoline systems, a spotting rig in which the athletes harness in to flip safely, a 15 foot long as well as a 40 foot long trampoline system called TumblTraks, a 40 foot tumbling strip with an air floor used to progress both Vault and tumbling skills from the TumblTraks to the spring floor, extra thick landing mats  (Resi pits) for a soft and safe landing, massive soft mats which are often stacked for “uphill training” where athletes learn both basic and advanced skills, complete Vaulting setups including a state of the art Vault table used for flipping and flying over, and a runway, multiple spring bards, and many top of the line landing mats for traditional competition landing surfaces. With all these tools athletes are soaring higher than ever in the gym!



       Learning how to swing on bars is an incredibly unique experience. Athletes learn how to swing and fly in ways unique to the sport of gymnastics. Having the proper equipment set up is vital for the development of skills on bars. Over the last two years (from 2015-2017), we have invested heavily in our bar area, making it even more functional for all levels. Fitting in and bolting down all the new bars was a fairly intensive process. We now have bars for preschool, recreational, compulsory, and high level gymnastics. Our matting, although easily overlooked, has been greatly updated as well, making for an increasingly safe and very functional bar area.



       While all four disciplines in gymnastics are important, if athletes can excel on balance beam, they will progress through the sport quickly.  Beam is all about proper progression and knowing when to move up until skills can be performed easily on a 4-inch-wide steel beam topped with a thin rubber pad and covered with suede, 4 feet in the air with no one to depend on but yourself. Our beam area has recently experienced important upgrades. From multiple, brand new, high level beams to recovered and resurfaced beams as well as upgraded preschool and recreational beams, we have put a lot of time into making sure to fit it all in for athletes at every level! We have multiple floor beams, low beams, medium and high beams for gymnasts to progress safely and easily. Our beam matting has also been updated with top of the line AAI landing mats.

Floor Exercise

       The skills athletes learn on floor are the basis for all disciplines in gymnastics.  Rolling, twisting, jumping, flipping, cartwheeling, and handstands are just some of the basics needed on all events and our floor area along with all the specialized shapes (mats) is well prepared for teaching these skills from beginner to advanced levels. All the matting we have also allows us to create great gymnastics oriented obstacle courses for athletes to quickly and easily move from one obstacle to the next, all the while learning specific skills and body awareness not only necessary for their progression through the sport of gymnastics, but which give them a strong base for any other athletic pursuit they have in mind.


Extreme Equipment

       We have a great program specifically for girls to progress through the traditional sport of gymnastics, but we also offer Extreme Gymnastics as an alternative where both boys and girls can benefit from all the positives our facility and proper instruction has to offer. When you come into the gym you’ll find colorful mats and shapes, which stick to our floor with Velcro. These range from slanted ramps to swing-through ninja windows and are used as preliminary obstacles for athletes to learn jumping, hopping, flipping, and maneuvering over them in safe and unique ways that our Extreme Gymnastics staff is very well-versed in.

       As time goes on, we are continually striving to make facility improvements that allow for both higher numbers of athletes to participate in our programs and to afford them the potential to reach the highest levels of gymnastics if they so choose.  We hope to see you in the gym!



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