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FGA BagJump Pit
System Fundraiser
June 19, 2021

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Thank you to our FGA families, friends, and sponsors!!!

Hello Friends, Family,
and Sponsors!

With the fortune of having had the opportunity to serve the Flathead Valley for the past 30 years, at Flathead Gymnastics Academy, we are thankful and proud to celebrate our 1 year anniversary at our new facility!  In a year of much uncertainty, our new facility has provided a steady environment for our student population (around 600) and staff alike and has allowed for growth and development with the accessibility to more gym space and equipment, thus allowing more students to participate! 

Check out the BagJump Pit progress!!! 

The Growth never stops!

As we continue to grow and develop (both gymnastics and life skills through our wonderful sport), the same goes for our facility here at FGA. Our goal is to continue to develop our facility to aid our gymnasts and ninjas, big and small, to play and train their way to to their dreams! It is now time to launch our BagJump Pit Project that has been in the works here at FGA for over a year! Originally planned for our 2020 facility renovation, our BagJump Project was put on hold to keep up with demands of the pandemic. 

With years of planning and research in the books, we are ready to launch the construction of our BagJump Pit Project, a state of art training tool that will increase both longevity of participation for students as well as acquisition of higher level skills. We thank you for your consideration in partnering with us in this exciting project! Our GOAL is to raise $20,000 or more - a small portion of the total expense, but a HUGE help!

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FGA Level 9 athletes that represented FGA at Western Nationals 2021
against the Best in the West!

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Gold Medal Sponsor

$500 maximum sponsorship

$100 base sponsorship + sponsorship of 4 event scores x10 (out of 10.0 max score) - Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor. Example: Athlete scores a 9.7 on vault, sponsorship = $97 for that individual event.


BONUS: Recieve FGA Gym Pit Plaque Recognition

BONUS: Recieve a Year of Banner Advertising in the gym

Silver Medal Sponsor

Event score sponsorship - Choice of single event or multiple events!

Sponsorship is $50 per event + monetary value of scored earned (score of 9.7 = $9.70) (max score 10.0)


BONUS: Receive 1 month of gym banner advertising for each event sponsored!

BONUS: Receive FGA Gym Pit Plaque Recognition

Bronze Medal Sponsor

Your choice of any sponsorship over $15! Sponsor as much or as little as you so choose! Any sponsorships over $500 will receive Gold Medal Sponsor Bonuses. 


BONUS: Receive FGA Gym Pit Plaque Recognition

Thank you for your consideration of helping us reach our team goal of
$20,000 (11% total cost) to make this training tool a reality at FGA!

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