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FGA Policies

                  Flathead Gymnastics Academy Enrollment Policies 
        Flathead Gymnastics Academy reserves the right to change policies, procedures and class schedules at any time.

_____ Multi-Media Recording Permission—At Flathead Gymnastics Academy we hope to share experiences with the public through publications such as, but not limited to, newspapers, our website, and video/slide show presentations. In order to do this, we would like your permission to include recording(s)/photograph(s) of your child participating in activities and classes at FGA. I consent to recording(s)/photograph(s) of the above named child being included in FGA publications such as newspapers, web page, and/or video/slide shows. I understand that these recordings/photographs may be used by FGA in order to share this experience with others.
_____Tuition Payment Agreement—Tuition reminders are posted at FGA the week tuition is due.  A late fee of $10.00 will be charged on the 10th day of the new month. Until these fees are paid, participation in class will cease. We require written withdrawal notice by the 15th of the month for the new upcoming class month (i.e.: May 15th, for June 1st withdrawal). Withdrawal notices are accepted in writing only.  Withdrawal Form must be completed by a parent and turned in to the main office. You may choose to email us at: flatheadgymnastics@gmail.com, complete a withdrawal form with the front office and submit it in person, or download a withdrawal form from our website and submit it in person. You will be billed for tuition if you neglect to notify us, in writing, in time. There is a $25.00 fee for all members for any returned checks.  By signing this form, I understand and agree to Flathead Gymnastics Academy's Tuition Payment Policy.                                     
_____ Make-up Class Policy—Monthly tuition pays for your child's space in class, NOT their attendance. Flathead Gymnastics Academy’s Missed Class Policy allows three (3) missed class per calendar year due to injury or illness ONLY. Missed classes must be reported and make-ups scheduled with our Main Office within one (1) week of your child's absence. Makeups offered are not guaranteed to accommodate all schedules. There are NO credits or refunds for missed classes. Make-up classes cannot carry over to the next month. You must make up your class in the month in which you missed your regular scheduled class. The only exception to this is if your missed class occurs on the last week of the month. You may carry over one (1) make up class as long as your are enrolled for classes in the following month. By signing this form, I understand and agree to Flathead Gymnastics Academy's Missed Class Policy.
 _____ Substitution Policy—We understand that consistency is an important part of your child’s growth as an athlete here at FGA and strive to provide dependable instructors.  However, substitutes may be necessary.  Substitutes are pulled from our regular FGA coaching staff and educated in the specific course curriculum.
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